Beautiful Ponds For Your Minneapolis Backyard

Imagine stepping into your backyard and finding a beautiful waterfall and clean, easy to maintain water feature. You’ll have time to enjoy it because it takes such a small amount of maintenance. Your friends will enjoy coming over and hearing the sounds and seeing the beautiful low voltage lighting. We can care for your water feature for you. If you're a do it yourself person and look forward to about 2 hours of maintenance a month. Contact Us to find out more information!

Designing Your Ecosystem Pond:

We want you to enjoy your pond, not spend hours maintaining it. The first thing about designing your pond is having an idea of what you want. We listen to how you currently use your yard, compare your style, and then accent your habits with a beautiful pond layout. We follow Aquascape's proven track record of pond construction because of their philosophy of “ponds done right, customers served right”. We work with “Mother Nature”, not against. Kids love playing in clean streams that lead to a pond. Overall, the pond we’ll build for you will be safe, clean, and easy to maintain.

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For more step-by-step instructions, please visit Aquascape Inc. EcoSystem pond approach.

The process of building a beautiful pond:

Building a pond to enjoy is not rocket science, but it is art. Oh, and did I mention a lot of sweat? There are many ways to make your water feature beautiful. We save our creativity for the parts you see by starting with Aquascape’s simple 20 step, 20 product approach to the framework. That includes the liner, pump, pipe, skimmer and rock. We build our ponds to mimic nature by using natural stone, decorative rock on the bottom, plants, and supplemental beneficial bacteria. We also advise having fish in your pond to assist keeping the water clear. Everything works together to keep the pond clean and easy to maintain.

Low Voltage Lighting In Your Yard:

Underwater lighting in your beautiful koi pond adds a magical enjoyment to your minneapolis yard. Typically you get home late from work, and a great time to sit around the pond is in the evening. Seeing the pond well lit invites you to come outside, see the pond, check on the fish, and enjoy some relaxing by the waterfall. My favorite times around the pond is after the lights turn on in the water and around the water. The beautiful flashes of colors of the fish accented from the underwater LED lights, the highlights of the big rocks and various plantings from well placed lights, and the downlights that create sparkles across the water and gently illuminate the pond area, there is nothing more exciting than seeing your well lit pond at night! The pond is also enjoyable from the house when it is lit when you don’t want to go outside.

Fish In Your Natural Pond:

Fish add many dimensions to your pond. They turn into pets, and will come to greet you for their meal. They add dimension, color and excitement to the pond area. At a minimum they help eat any mosquito larvae. They nibble at bits of pond algae growing on rocks. There are many misconceptions to fish. In our ponds you can leave overwinter your fish in the pond with our standard 24” depth installation, even here in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Buy Fish Food HereA quick fact note: Feed your fish a balanced diet of high quality fish food to ensure good color and overall health. We feed ours every night during summer months when the water temperatures are above 55 degrees F. Let the fish eat for 2-3 minutes. Don’t over-feed them, any leftover fish food can break down and can cause algae blooms from the extra nutrients.

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