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You need to get out of your house, let us take care of the snow so you can move. We do residential snow blowing in NE Minneapolis and other Nordeast areas. We set up our routes so we can clean the snow up every 3-5 inches, and come within 6 hours of the last flake. We post updates on the storm and our operations on our Facebook Site. Contact Us for quote for your driveway, sidewalk, and steps snowblowing.

Snow removal services include:

  • Residential sidewalk snow shoveling
  • Residential Snowblowing
  • Residential driveway snow plowing

We can set up your contract by trigger, either 1 or two inch. If you're interested in having us come out every time it flakes, we can work that out too. Typically we do a yearly contract so that we can afford to be there for you whether it snows or not. We base our prices off of a 10 year average snowfall so it's a pretty safe bet. If you prefer to sign up for per-snowfall payments, we can accommodate that also.

Service Area: Our current snow removal service areas include North East Minneapolis, and Columbia Heights.

Timing: When do we come out? It’s a great question, and it depends significantly on when it quits snowing. If you can tell me exactly when it’s going to quit and how much each time, you’ll be the best paid meteorologist! Residential snow removal will be done every 3-5 inches, or at storm end if it's less than 5 inches. When you sign up, please let us know your time expectations so we can work with you on scheduling. For most snow storms 6 inches or less, our customers can expect to have their property clean within 12 hours. We can also come back and dig out the snowplow lines after your street and alley are plowed.

We're looking forward to serving you!

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