Commercial Snow Removal in NE Minneapolis

Do you need your parking lot and sidewalks cleared of snow promptly? Let us help you keep your valuable customers moving by keeping everything open every 3-5 inches, or within 4 hours of the last snowflake in the snowfall during business hours. Contact Us

Snow removal services include:

  • Commercial parking lot plowing
  • Commercial sidewalk shoveling and blowing
  • Church parking lot snow removal
  • Sidewalk anti-icing and driveway deicing
  • Parking lot salting and driveway deicing
  • Restaurant snow removal

Our contracts are either by inch-bracket per storm, or yearly contract. We also do subcontract snow removal work to help out other contractors.

Service Area: Our current snow removal service areas include North East Minneapolis, and Columbia Heights.

Timing: We come out every 2-4 inches, and within 4 hours of the final flake. If we have an 18" blizzard, we may need to ask for some grace! If you can tell me exactly when it’s going to quit each time, you’ll be the best paid meteorologist! If we've cleared your snow before the city has been by, we come back and clear the plow line. If you have more specific guidelines on when you need the snow moved, Let Us Know and we'll discuss and see what makes the most sense.

Deicing Agents: Deicing agents can be added to the contract when you sign up, or when you call us. Make sure we discuss this when writing up the contract so you’re covered.

Other Services: If your walkways are prone to ice buildup and need more attention than just after snow events, we can provide full-service ice management for residential and commercial slip issues. Please contact us for specifics, as we can provide time of storm, two days following storm, or entire snow and ice coverage.

Please contact us for more information.

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