Pondless waterfalls. No fish, No Pond, All The Sounds Of Water

A pondless waterfall is a beautiful way to bring low maintenance moving water to your yard. It’s a great way to add beauty on an existing slope, or even tastefully transform a flat backyard into a relaxing atmosphere. The shallow streams create safe wading areas for kids and pets to play.

Pondless Waterfalls, a great fit for very low maintenance yards

Pondless waterfalls offer flexibility. Part of the benefit of having a pond less waterfall is they don’t have to run all the time. That way you save on operating costs. You can put your pump on a timer so you come home to the beautiful sound of running water. Some of the pumps we install have remotes so you can turn it on when you’re ready to enjoy your waterfall in the back yard. Or, you can leave them running all the time so all the song birds, bees, and butterflies have someplace to get a drink. Shut them off, blow the leaves off, and turn them back on!

Twilight With A Pondless Waterfall

Artistic waterfalls create a magical feeling when tastefully lit at night. With LED low voltage lighting in and out of the water, we accent areas of your landscape to make your yard come alive in an otherwise dark area. It will turn your daytime area into a beautiful space you can use at night. Check out our Pond Tour link above for our next pond tour. Or, Contact Us to request a viewing for yourself if you’d like to experience a waterfall!

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